The population of the State of California
   California is the most populous U.S. state. The increase in population since the last census has influenced both natural increase and immigration. 1,825,697 people arrived in the city of California. In California, there is no absolute ethnic majority. Relative majorities of the population still are white, after they go Latinos (almost a third), Asians, and American Indians. Experts predict that Hispanics constitute an absolute majority of the population of California in 2040. The reasons for this are called a large flow of immigrants from Mexico and higher fertility rates among them. If you like to get acquainted with local people, try online Travelocity coupon codes and travel to California, the golden state.
   California remains the most popular State due to millionaires: 79 persons from the list of Forbes «400 richest Americans 2006» live in California. 663.000 of millionaires live in the California cities. California is managed as a republic. It has three branches - executive, legislative and judicial branches. Important sector of the economy of California is agriculture, including production of fruits, vegetables, dairy products and wine. Aerospace industry, entertainment and high-tech industry advanced. Los Angeles is attractions California. This is a very beautiful city. Entertainment industry is the main feature of this city. People from all over the world come here for entertainment.
   Disneyland is attraction of this state. This is an amusement park. There are plenty of attractions for children and adults. This is a great place for families. This amusement park located in Anaheim. It was opened in 1955. The locals are very fond of this holiday. About 10 million tourists visit Disneyland every year.
   The educational system in the state, consisting of many colleges and universities, is the largest in the U.S. In a system of only one University of California have more than 20 colleges and high schools with an enrollment of 300 thousand people. In the nine campuses of the University are more than 165,000 students.
   Despite the huge mountain in California, the economic life of the state is concentrated in the lower reaches of the valley, where there are arranged four of the twenty largest U.S. cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco. Wealth of California is based on a variety natural resources staff, excellent climate and large populations of the local population. California is also in first place on the scale of the annual construction of production facilities. In the largest California city located manufacturing and laboratory computer companies and engineering industries, which are centered on universities located in these cities. There are about 8,000 lakes in California. The deepest lake Tahoe, reaches 427 m depth. This lake is attraction California. Death Valley is California attractions too. People living in California are characterized by their light-minded. Many people work in the field of entertainment. People wear comfortable clothing as everyday. But at a party or any other event, you can see different chic dresses and suits. Women are living in California cities like to dress up. Full of trendy shops are in California. Summer in California is very hot. Why people dress here very easily in summer.
   The state has the largest population of people, the largest number of vehicles, civilian aircraft and the largest number of students in universities and colleges than any other U.S. state.
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