Los Angeles City of Angels
   Los Angeles is city in the South Pacific Coast, in California. Located on a narrow coastal plain, fringed by mountains of San Gabriel, Santa Monica, Santa Ana. This is the main economic center of Western United States. It is about 2.8 million inhabitants in Los Angeles. Economically active population is about 3 million people. 30% of the population are employed in industry, 40% are employed in the service sector. Los Angeles is a major manufacturing center for aircraft, missiles, spacecraft and avionics equipment in the state. Shops are terrific – you never want to leave them if you stay in there. Save money with Sears coupon codes online and purchase nice goods in Los Angels shops. Engineering, oil refining, chemical, rubber, clothing, food, furniture industry developed here. Large metallurgical plant is located near Los Angeles. This is the second most important port in the state. Los Angeles is an important transport hub of the state. This city is known for its tourist attractions. Los Angeles is known as the concentration of the film industry, television. Hollywood is one of the attractions of Los Angeles. Many tourists interested this site.
   Los Angeles is known as a place of entertainment in California. There are plenty of casinos, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other entertainment venues. Nightlife in Los Angeles is diverse. Los Angeles is very beautiful at night. Hundreds of signs and neon lights illuminate the city of angels. Set of neon signs located at each building. Designers are creating beautiful signs and sculptures with neon lights. Everyone feels like a fairy tale getting in Los Angeles.
   Visitors and residents of Los Angeles are often called its entertainment capital. The main centers of nightlife pleasures are concentrated in the city center, in the areas of Silver Lake, Hollywood, and West Hollywood. During the day, residents and tourists are waiting for such world famous attractions such as theme parks Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood, as well as the famous ocean beaches in Santa Monica and Malibu.
   Los Angeles has a reputation world's center retailer in California. Among the busiest shopping streets are Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Ferd Street Promenade and Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, Old Town in Pasadena, Hollywood and others. Los Angeles is also one of the world capitals of fashion business, glamour and luxury. It found its echo in numerous movies and other artistic works. Use online Best Buy coupon codes and purchase the best movies with the best actors in the world. Los Angeles fairly young city in California, and on its territory there are no world-famous architectural monuments. There are a number of buildings in a typical first half of XX century art deco style in downtown. Regular planning and low-density development characterized for a city. The bulk of the population lives in private homes and villas. High-rise buildings are concentrated in the central part. Modern architecture is represented by considerable diversity of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, among which are the work of Frank Gehry, Paul Williams, Thom Mayne, Eric Moss and other famous architects.
   Ancient Mexican street Olvera Street, area antiques including glass and concrete of the central part is attraction of Los Angeles too. Wilshire Boulevard and its central part, known as the Mile of wonders, filled with restaurants and nightclubs are tourist attraction in Los Angeles. Griffith Observatory to the planetarium located in the eponymous park the largest in California. Zoo is an attraction in Los Angeles. Many animals are gathered here from all over the world.
   Another attraction is the Watts Towers in Los Angeles. These are the three towers 30, 29 and 16 m, built of materials using a bat tiles, dishes, bottles, and seashells. Beverly Hills is an attraction in Los Angeles. Beverly Hills is known for its magnificent mansions of famous Hollywood actors and film industry moguls. Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful cities in California and United States.
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