Hollywood is one of California Attractions
   Hollywood district of Los Angeles, California, located northwest of downtown. Hollywood has traditionally been associated with the American film industry, because in this area there is a lot of movie studios and home to many famous film actors. Hollywood is known throughout the world Walk of Fame. This is the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, which invested more than 2600 five-pointed stars with the names of celebrities who have made great contribution to the entertainment industry. Hollywood is a popular place for nightlife and tourism of the state. One can use online Travelocity coupon codes and book tickets to the most wonderful state of America. As a part of the city of Los Angeles, Hollywood is not a municipality. But it does have an official, chosen by Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Hollywood has been registered as a municipality in 1903 in California. In 1904 the city launched a new trolley-bus caravan that traveled from Los Angeles to Hollywood up Prospect Avenue. Filmmaking in Los Angeles proceeded by a film industry in Hollywood. Until 1920 Hollywood became world famous as a center of the film industry of the United States. January 22, 1947 began its work the first commercial television station in the West. In the early 1950's was built by the famous Hollywood ramp from a four-road junction in downtown Los Angeles, past the Hollywood Bowl, before Kaguenga Pass in the San Fernando Valley, California.
   Famous building in the state Capitol Records in the street Vine Street to the north of Hollywood Boulevard was built in 1956. In the building are the offices and recording studios, which are closed to the public. Round design of the building looks like a stack of vinyl records. Hollywood Walk of Fame was founded in 1958 in honor of the artists working in the entertainment industry of the United States.
   The first star on the Walk famed actress Joanne Woodward has left its mark on Feb. 9, 1960. In 1985, Hollywood Boulevard as a commercial and entertainment district was officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places of the United States. After years of severe recession, when many Hollywood sites threatened with destruction, today Hollywood is experiencing a rapid revival. Numerous fashionable bars, nightclubs and shopping malls that opened at or near the Boulevard, was returned to Hollywood as a center of night life in California.
   Most of the neighborhoods of Hollywood, including Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard, fall on the 13th district of Los Angeles. City agency that initiates a revival of the Project for Reconstruction of Hollywood is the Los Angeles Society of Reconstruction. 167,664 residents are in the city.
   National Academy of Sciences of the United States announced the creation of a unique project. Under this project, it is special group of scientists who will be on a permanent basis to advise the writers and directors of Hollywood films. Their main task will be giving scientific plausibility to new films.
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