California is a Golden State
   California is a state on the Pacific coast, near the border with Mexico. California is the most populace U.S. state and the third area. The capital is the city of Sacramento. The largest city is Los Angeles. Other large cities: San Francisco, San Diego, and San Jose. The staff is known for its varied climate, colorful composition of the population and the various attractions. California is a seismic zone, according to the state through a myriad of geological faults. Earthquakes have been in many cities more than once. Save money with Orbitz coupon codes online and book tickets to this miraculous state to catch your dream.
   California ranked first among U.S. states in terms of gross domestic product. Most important branches of the state's economy are agriculture, aerospace industry, mining and processing of oil and information technology. It is believed that the state name derives from the legendary island, populated by black Amazons led by Queen Califia. Dimensions of the state, its economy and the multilateral economic performance, as well as geographic terrain features characterize the state of California as hyper-categories. Among the fifty U.S. states, California is the leader in the number of national parks and reserves. This is the only state where grow unique giant trees redwoods.
   Most parts of the state of climate are Mediterranean, with rainy winters and dry summers. The influence of the ocean reduces the spread of the temperature leads to a cool summer and warm winter. Because of the cold ocean currents along the California coast is often foggy.
   California attractions are the national parks. Throughout the state are the national parks: Yosemite, Lassen Volcanic, Sequoia and Kings Canyon. California's cities are densely populated. Aircraft, missile and space and electronic industry, which serve mostly military orders, took the lead in the cities of San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose. Oil refining and chemical industry, shipbuilding, car assembly manufacturing and other branches of engineering are developed in some cities. Hollywood is one of the attractions of California. There are 58 counties and 480 cities In California. By way of control of the city are divided into manageable in accordance with the laws of the State and having their own charter. All cities that are in the top ten largest have a charter. Most California cities united in the citystatistical and budgetary areas. More than two-thirds of the state's population lives in three major metropolitan areas: Greater Los Angeles area of the San Francisco Bay area and Riverside - San Bernardino. California mountain peaks are also attractions in California. Set of ski resorts located in California.
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