California is a state situated in western North America, the Pacific Coast. This is the third largest state. California is called the golden state due to its wonderful climate and beautiful nature. And gold was extracted in California. Nature of California is very picturesque. California cities are distinguished by their beauty and luster. Hundreds of tourists annually visit the entertainment city of Los Angeles. The most well known attraction of California is Hollywood. Everyone would like to visit this state and get acquainted with celebrities who are walking along the alley of stars in the evening and perform some episodes from films and recite poems. One can shake hands with them and talk about current events if they are in good spirits. My husband Alex decided to meet Julia Roberts and used online Travelocity coupon codes to make his dream a reality. Probably I will join him if my job allows me to do this. I would like to see Hollywood with my own eyes. I feel some fear a little bit for my husband because west and neon and temptation are close, by the way. However nothing venture, nothing have.

California is a Golden State           The population of the State of California           Los Angeles City of Angels

Hollywood is one of California Attractions

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